Mission, Vision, Motto
Motto :
  • To encourage undergraduate pure science education and provide quality input to higher institutes of learning
  • To provide holistic development of a student
  • To embark upon rural education endeavors.
  Mission :
  • To Achieve excellence in education with the philosophy that Education is a prime contributor to the development of self, society and diverse human enterprises.
Vision :
  • To elevate the college into one of the best learning UG and PG centers.
  • To empower every individual with honesty, sincerity, integrity and knowledge.
  Goals and Objectives :
  • To found and maintain within the city of Bangalore, schools and colleges which shall be open to students of all communities.
  • To introduce such improvement in the system of education as may be necessary from time to time.
  • To take all necessary steps in the advancement of the above objects
  • To follow the goals and  objectives as stated in the memorandum of association
Late Prof Rao Bahadur Venkatesachar
(Retired Director IISC
Principal and Prof. of Physics, Central College)

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