College Logo Description
The motto line in the logo "Shreyo Hi Gnanam" (Knowledge alone is growth) and the logo depicting the picture of blooming lotus flowers in the backdrop of the rising sun indicate the educational philosophy of Vijaya College and the avowed objective to provide quality education. The Sun traditionally stands for enlightenment, the promise of new life. Like Light, the knowledge enlightens and empowers individuals and the society as a whole, enabling them to overcome limitations imposed by nature.

Under the warm, bright and nurturing sunshine emanating from Almighty Lord, in the ocean of knowledge that is ever refreshing and ever regenerating itself, the lotus flowers unfold. It not only marks the beginning of a new day, but also stands as a veritable symbol of constant learning, which is more like a process than a mere product. The lotus flowers symbolize the learning minds: just like the lotus blooms at the touch of the life-giving rays of the sun, the minds of the learner should awaken to a new consciousness when it comes in contact with knowledge.

The just sprouting lotus buds look up to the flowers in full bloom for their ideal, and on goes the process of knowledge dissemination relentlessly. This ocean of knowledge on which the flowers bloom is endless, eternal and each particle in it is unique and special even as it embodies within its small self the quintessence of the universal. These flowers here draw sustenance from the elixir of knowledge and blossom into perfect form – concrete expressions of that knowledge which is otherwise so abstract.

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