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IQAC- Internal Quality Assurance Cell


  • Commitment to  group effort
  • To ensure quality service to all stakeholders of the institution
  • Commitment to the development of  core competencies of both students and the faculty


  • To achieve excellence in holistic development of students to their full potential
  • To ensure quality in every walk of campus life.


  • Innovation, Integrity, Leadership

The Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) has been established in the college as a Post-Accreditation requirement of NAAC. Since its establishment, several measures have been introduced for the enhancement of quality in the overall development  of the college. The IQAC has  been striving to  attain and sustain newer heights in academic excellence.  Faculty orientation programs in total quality management and orientation of office staff towards new administrative techniques are being evolved.

The IQAC team:

       Prof. B V Narayana Rao,
               Secretary, BHS Higher Education Society.

Management Nominee :
     Dr. Ananth K. Atre,
             Joint Secretary, BHS Higher Education Society

Administrative Officers:

  • Dr. N Manjula, Principal, Vijaya College
  • Dr. B S Jayashree, Vice-Principal, Vijaya College
  • Smt. Ratna Nagaraj, Office Superintendent
Advisory Committee :
  1. Dr. Pradeep G. Siddeshwara, Professor of Mathematics, Bangalore University
  2. Mr. Rajashekar S, Managing Director, Muddeereeswara Group of Companies, Bangalore
Teacher Members :
  1. Dr. D Radhakrishna , HOD of Mathematics (UG)
  2. Dr. Mahesh Arvind, NAAC coordinator, Department of Chemistry
  3. Prof. H K Gundu Rao, HOD of Kannada
  4. Dr. M Subramanya Bhat, CPE Coordinator, Department of Electronics
  5. Dr. K R Kumudavalli, HOD of Sanskrit
  6. Dr. D Gurumurthi, HOD of Kannada
  7. Prof. Madhumita G. D, HOD of Microbiology
  8. Prof. N Vijaya Ranga, HOD of Commerce
  9. Dr. Gopalakrishna, HOD of Biotechnology
  10. Dr. K Sushan Bairy, HOD of Mathematics (PG)
  11. Dr. Navid Ahmad, Library
  1. Dr. K S Suresh, Department of Physics



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